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Hi! My name is Riccardo Invernizzi and I’m currently a perfectioning student at KU Leuven. I’m supervised by D. Taufer and Prof. F. Mohammadi. I will start a PhD in April at KU Leuven under the supervision of Prof. F. Mohammadi.
I am interested in number theory, combinatorics and polynomial systems both from theoretical and algorithmic pureviews.

Detailed information about my academic career and working experiences can be found in my CV. The most important points are summarized below.

I also enjoy playing coding competition of various kind, mainly CTF’s and competitive programming. Some challenge writeups can be found in this website. This is not meant to be a professional blog, but rather an archive of problems that I found interesting or code that may be useful in the future. However, feel free to read them and give feedbacks and suggestions.

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  • [Preprint] Multiplication polynomials for elliptic curves over finite local rings, with D. Taufer (arxiv)
  • ‘I See Something You Don’t See’. A Computational Analysis of the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act, vol 6, Stanford Computational Antitrust, 2021, with F. Di Porto, T. Grote and G. Volpi (SSRN)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Competition Law. A Computational Analysis of the DMA and DSA, Concurrences, 3 (2021), with F. Di Porto, T. Grote and G. Volpi (SSRN)


  • [mar 23 - Workshop] Elementary results on rank and border rank, at Tensors: geometry and applications, KU Leuven (website)
  • [feb 23 - Workshop] Multiplication polynomials over finite local rings, at Solving Polynomial Systems, KU Leuven (website)
  • [set 21 - Podcas] A Computational Analysis of the DSA and DMA, on Stanford Computational Antitrust Podcast (youtube)

Academic Career

  • Research Internship (2022-present) at KU Leuven; supervisor: D. Taufer / F. Mohammadi
  • Research Internship (2022) at TU Munich; supervisor: V. Weger
  • Advanced Master’s in Science and Technology at IUSS Pavia (2020-present); expected graduation: may 2023
  • Master’s in Mathematics (2020-2022) at University of Pavia: 110/110 cum laude; thesis: On the automorphism groups of certain radical rings with application to cryptography, supervisor: A. Canonaco, co-supervisor: M. Calderini
  • Bachelor’s in Mathematics (2017-2020) at University of Pavia: 110/110 cum laude; thesis: Asymptotic Results for Goldbach’s Conjecture, supervisor: A. Canonaco


  • Bernasconi Award(2022) for best research project
  • IUSS Scolarship (2020-2022) for selected students
  • Felice Casorati Scholarship (2020-2022) for outstanding math students
  • Research grant as data scientist in the context of 2017 PRIN “Governance through big data: challenges for European Law”